We hereby confirmed that we will provide the warranty for each electric bike, and we will handle any issue on the bike under the warranty period, based on the correct use.

PART Warranty Period
Lithium Battery and Battery Charger: 18 months warranty from the date of purchase(battery capacity less than 80% renewed in six months, one year maintenance; start from the date of calculation).
Frame: 3 year warranty from the date of purchase(only one person ride,can’t carry two or more)
The paint of the twist throttle large loss: 3 years warranty from the date of purchase
Other unlabeled consumables such as lamp /pedal / tires: 1 month warranty from the date of purchase
Gear wheel/fork/chain/charger/front axle/rear axle/flywheel: 1 month warranty from the date of purchase.
Display/controller/motor: 18 months warranty from the date of purchase.
Due to problems caused by human factors or beyond the warranty period we will charge a reasonable fee and fitting part of the freight charges under the circumstances.
Tips for safety: When you riding, please put on the safety helmet to make your driving be safer.

Assembly is required at time of purchase:

An authorized ONWAY dealer is required to assemble any ONWAY product at the time of purchase without charge. If the product is damaged by unauthorized assembly of the merchant or person, the warranty will be void.

Warranty claim

Please contact your local authorized dealer and schedule an appointment for service. Please take care of your original receipt or proof of purchase. Please contact ONWAY Service Center directly with any questions or concerns regarding your warranty.