Battery troubleshooting procedures.

  1. The battery is low or dies.
  2. The life of the battery expired.
  3. A blown fuse.
  4. The connector of the battery is out of order.
  5. Broken electric source lock.
Signal lights break and the motor doesn't rotate.
  1. Cut-off wires in the controller.
  2. Broken accelerating bars.
  3. Disconnected wires in accelerating bars.
  4. Wrong connection between wires of accelerating bars and controller
  5. Broken cut-off switches in brakes.
  6. Burned out wires, short circuit, broken carbon brush in the motor

After getting the electric source lock started, I can't control the motors high speed rotation

  1. Disconnected wires in coordinated bars and the controller.
  2. Dirty plates in accelerating bars.
  3. Broken components in the controller.

The speed of motor rotation is low.

  1. Dirty plates in accelerating bars.
  2. Broken components in accelerating bars.
  3. The battery is low or died.
  4. The motor is out of order.
  5. The controller is out of order.

The battery doesn't last long after being charged.

  1. Connection problem of the charger.
  2. The life of the battery expired.

The battery cannot be fully charged.

  1. The life of the battery expired.
  2. A blown fuse in the battery.
  3. The seat for the fuse tube is loose.
  4. Wrong connection between the charger and the electric source

Signal lights are off but the motor still rotates.

  1. Broken circuit board.
  2. No voltage between anode lead wires and cathode lead lines in meter.

The horn is not functioning.

  1. Broken switch.
  2. Broken oscillator.
  3. Wrong connection between wires.

Weird sounds in motor.

  1. Loose carbon brush.
  2. Loose alnico.

High current in the motor.

  1. Short circuit of anode and cathode in the motor.
  2. Broken components in the commutator.
  3. Short circuit between loops.
  4. The axle is too tight.

The components of the controller burned out.

  1. Reverse anode and cathode of electric source.
  2. Water might have gone into the controller, leading to short circuit.